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Why prostatitis is so hard to cure?

Prostatitis is an annoying diseases, not only because it brings many troubles to men, but also because the low recovery rate and the heavy financial burden. However, do you know why prostatitis is so hard to cure? If you don't, please read this article carefully.
There is no doubt that prostatitis is a stubborn disease, but the truth is, only a few types of prostatitis are hard to cure, but those types also can be cured by knowing the nature, doing right preventions treatment and proper health care. 
Prostatitis has four common types, and chronic type are hard to cure, now, i will take the chronic nonbacterial type for example to tell you why this type is so hard to cure.
As you may know that prostate is one gland belong to men's reproduce system, so it has many neighbors such as bladder, seminal vesicle, seminiferous duct, nephric ducts and rectum. Thus, prostatitis commonly is caused by infection from other organs. Due to the close relationship with seminal vesicle, prostatitis commonly happens with seminal vesiculitis. Prostatitis also can be caused by those ways such as bad hygiene habit, piles, bladder stone and so on. Thus, sometime, even prostatitis is cured, prostatitis can happen again because of the infection from neighbors.
I mentioned before that chronic type is very hard to cure, but what makes men to affect chronic prostatitis? The truth is chronic prostatitis develops from acute type that without timely and proper treatment. Bacterial in chronic prostatitis is hard to be killed because those bacteria are not sensitive to antibiotic and also can hide some place that antibiotic cannot arrived. Thus, the relapse rate of prostatitis is very high.
The complicated structure of prostate also is an important factor to make prostatitis a stubborn disease. As you may know that prostate gland has one layer that can prevent bacteria and other bad and toxic materials outside, but when prostate is sick, antibiotic and other pills also can be prevented by this layer, so there is no enough antibiotic to kill bacteria and toxic materials.

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