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What should you notice when affect prostatitis?

Prostatitis is a threat for men's health, for the damages of this disease is huge. Many patients know that prostatitis should be treated timely, but i am afraid that they know a little about precautions. In order to help more people get rid of this disease, here are some things men should pay attention to.

First, good living habit
Men need to build good living habit including enough time for sleeping and rest. Men also have to take exercise, but too much exercise should be avoided. What’s more, men also have to build a good sexual habit and say no to wine and spicy foods. As you may know that long time sitting and riding is a major cause of prostatitis, so this also should be avoided.
Second, receive one more week treatment
Chronic prostatitis is a complicated and stubborn disease, so patients should keep treat it for one or three months. What's more, patients also need to keep treat one more week even all symptoms are gone. Most of patients tend to stop treatment when symptoms are gone, but this is wrong, because there might be some infection hide and not killed. In order to prevent relapse, please take one more week treatment.
Third, take a positive attitude
Many patients tend to lose hope when their disease cannot be cured with antibiotic. Around 50%patients may suicide because of the pain and other symptoms caused by prostatitis. Actually, patients should take a positive attitude on prostatitis. Although prostatitis is a stubborn disease, it also is curable. Patients need to take right treatment.
Fourth, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
If you already have had prostatitis and cannot take antibiotic, trust me, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is one of the best pill for you. This pill can clear away heat and toxic materials, promote blood circulation, release pain.what's more, this pill won't bring damages to liver and kidney. It is suitable for patients who cannot take antibiotic.

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