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Can chornic prostatitis recover without treatment?

Many chronic prostatitis patients take the view that their prostatitis are gone because they find that those annoying symptoms such as frequent urination, painful urination, urgent urination disappear. But the truth is disappointing, because it is impossible for prostatitis recover without treatment.

According to Dr. Lee, the reasons of chronic prostatitis are complicated, so are the symptoms. She has many patients who have had frequent urination, painful urination and urgent urination but wall tests are normal. And there also are many patients who have had no symptoms but all tests are abnormal. Thus, the truth is, prostatitis only disappears when symptoms are gone and tests are normal.
In order to get rid of chronic prostatitis thoroughly, you need to do the following things:
First, do not pay too much attention on prostatitis
Please do not pay much attention to its symptoms, because the more the attention you pay to, the severe the symptoms they will become. If you ignore this disease and treat it as usual, the symptoms will disappear quickly. By the way, you also need to pay attention to your eating habit and other things you need to, because ignoring it does not mean you don’t have it.
Second, take herbal treatment
As i mentioned before that prostatitis won't recover without treatment, so patients need to take pills to cure this disease. According to Dr. Lee, herbal pill is better than antibiotic, not only because herbal pill has no drug resistance, but also it has no side-effect. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for prostatitis also has those advantages. This pill also has many other advantages such as promoting blood circulation, clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting Qi, dissipating hard lumps, dissolving stasis and releasing pain. Generally speaking, all type of prostatitis can be cured by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill in three months as long as patients can follow our eating diet.

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