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A conclusion of prostatitis treatments

With the increasing of life pressure in our society, men are more likely to be troubled by genital diseases, especially for prostatitis. If a man has acquired prostatitis, he would be very worried. And this disease is very difficult to be cured. This article is about what is prostatitis and how to cure it.
The causes of prostatitis are various. Bacteria play a significant role in the causes of prostatitis. The other causes, such as chlamydia, mycoplasma, fungus and parasite, all can induce prostatitis.

Before we do the treatment, we should take a clinical evaluation to work out the type of the disease. Psychological therapy and sex adjust should run though the whole process of the treatment. In general, there are four types of treatment as follows:

1. Antibiotic therapy. Bacteria are the most common pathogen of prostatitis. There are many kinds of antibiotics which can be used to treat bacterial prostatitis. Before you take some of them, you should consult the doctor to decide the quantity and type of antibiotics. For non-bacterial prostatitis, antibiotic is not suitable to treat it. And as we know all kinds of antibiotics would have side-effects. They are not recommended for long-term use.

2. Physical therapy. Prostate massage can evacuate the inflammatory secretion in the prostatic duct. So that you can do a massage per 3 to 7 days. And because massage can relax the prostate gland, smooth muscle in the posterior urethra and muscle in the pelvic cavity, it would be good for relieving pain.

3. Surgery therapy. In the past, the doctors would suggest patients to do prostatectomy to hit the mark. The so-called prostatectomy is to cut off tissues around prostate and the whole prostate gland to eliminate inflammation. It is suitable for severe cases. But it is very likely to induce bleeding, urinary incontinence and impotence. So this method has been abandoned in most countries.

4. TCM therapy. TCM is short for traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, TCM therapy has been accepted by more and more Europeans. Dr.Lee, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in China, Hubei province, has invented a prescription: diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. This pill is made of dozens of rare medicinal herbs originated from nature. Proved by many patients with prostatitis, it has a very good effect on treating chronic prostatitis and some other genital diseases of men.

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