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Three methods for treating bacterial prostatitis

Bacterial prostatitis refers to the inflammation of the prostate; it is usually caused by the bacteria infection. Because of the damages caused by the bacteria infection, the patients live a miserable life. How to cure the bacterial prostatitis? There are three common available methods.
The western medicine treatment  
The common western treatment is the antibiotics treatment. But not all of the antibiotics have the role to kill all the bacteria and virus. In the first place, the patients are suggested to do prostatic fluid cultures to find the original bacterial which lead to the bacterial prostatitis, and then they are suggested to be made the drug sensitive test to make a perfect antimicrobial treatment plan. The patients may miss the best moment for treating the disease if they just await the response of bacteria from the antibiotics.
What’s worse, the condition may become more serious because the delayed treatment may lead to the formation of the swelling. If some people accept the antibiotics treatment for a period, the drug resistance and tolerance appears. The bacteria won’t sensitive to the antibiotics any more. Then doctors have to search for more effective antibiotics to treat their patients.
The traditional Chinese medicines have gained popularity for diminishing inflammation and killing the bacteria. Clinically, the patients usually choose medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat the bacterial prostatitis. The traditional Chinese medicine can not only killing the bacteria like antibiotics, but also has the efficacy of making the inflammatory factors vanish. The medicine can clear away the heat, remove the blood stasis. It can also promote the circulation of Qi and blood, diminish the inflammation. All of these efficacies can help cure the disease from the root.
Aided treatment for the bacterial prostatitis  
The treatment of bacterial prostatitis not only relies on the medical methods, but also depends on the self-regulation of the patients. Improper self-regulation is also the factor which leads to the non-effective treatment. And it is necessary to pinpoint that if one  part of the couple has the infection of chlamydia ,mycoplasma or mould, the simultaneous treatment of the other part is necessary, female can take the Fuyan Pill to kill the bacteria and virus, even the pathogens to avoid the cross infection.   
The bacterial prostatitis patients should keep a balanced life between work and life, they should develop a regular life and avoid drinking alcohol, and the excitant food is not allowed, it is also vital to have a regular sex life.

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