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Guiding Principle - Yinyang Theory

Differentiation of syndromes based on the theory of yin-yang is the guiding principle for the differentiation of the syndrome. For the purposes of making a differentiation syndrome proper surgical disease, it is necessary to differentiate between the Yin and Yang features. For the differentiation of yin and yang, it is necessary to focus on the following key points. Sudden onset of one of Yin and Yang is one of timing.


Diseases occur in the superficial skin and muscle, with Yang and diseases that occur in tendons and bones belong to Yin.


Red skin at the position pathological belongs to Yang and dark purple, pale color, or Yin does not change the color of the skin.


The fire in the health sector is one of Yang and cool, cold or warm sensation is Yin. The vast expansion of one of Yang and Fiat swelling or depression is Yin.

Localized swelling with a hollow core belongs to Yang and diffuse swelling of the cluster based on Yin.


The swelling of medium hardness and disappear after the ulcer is one of Yang and swelling of soft cotton and as hard as stone is Yin.


Intense pain is one of Yang and no pain, persistent pain, Yin added pain to pain or painful cramps.


Thick pus, yellow after the ulcer is in Yang and thin pus dark, or mixed with the blood belongs to yin. The short-term primarily in Young's syndrome and long term is primarily the Yin.


General principles CONDITIONAL yang syndromes, there are symptoms such as fever, aversion to cold, dry mouth, thirst, poor urine, constipation, red tongue, yellow coating and rapid pulse, etc. At the beginning of the yin syndrome, there are no symptoms, and suppuration may a slight fever, a little dry mouth, urine scanty, light red tongue, thin thin, thready and rapid pulse. M ulceration ter, a low spirit, fatigue, pallor, loss of appetite, spontaneous perspiration and night sweats.

Syndrome differentiation based on the yin-yang theory is to summarize and classify the symptoms and signs often occur. But man is an organic whole, and many diseases can be different characteristics of the syndrome before.Therefore, modulation of the syndrome may be limited to one aspect, and should be done in conjunction with a comprehensive analysis of various diseases. Only through this important point, it may be possible to identify the Yin and Yang. May as well, although some yin and yang of the disease burden, the conversion between the yin and yang syndromes syndromes found under certain conditions. Furthermore, there is Yin and Yang are not clean clean. It is also necessary to understand the distinction, within the Yin and Yang in the Yin-Yang and the state of Yin and Yang.

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