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TCM is booming in Sweden

In Sweden, where science is highly developed, there are large amount of superior medical facilities and equipments. The whole public entitle medical cure at public expenses. However, more and more Swedish people prefer to see traditional Chinese doctors at their own coses. TCM makes up the shortage of western medicine in Sweden.

It has been 20 years since TCM appears in Sweden. Starting from acupuncture and massage, TCM is gradually accepted by local patients. It has been inconceivable that western people stew the herbs at home according to the instructions. Nowadays, the effect of TCM is approved by the public in Sweden. Even Chinese bitter herbs are sort of unacceptable for Chinese people, traditional Chinese medicines often have a short of supply.

Western people are aware of the side effects of most western medicines, as a result, Chinese herbs and Chinese medical methods which are inartificial are extremely popular. Lots of Swedish people know that, for some diseases, western medicine can only control them but cannot completely cure them, but traditional Chinese medicines can cure them radically. So they are more willing to see traditional Chinese doctors at there own coses.

The reason why TCM is approved is that TCM have remarkable efficacy on curing chronic diseases. Actually, TCM has identical excellent effect in curing acute diseases. By analysising the symptoms of diseases and composing appropriate prescription, acute diseases can be cured rapidly and validly. It is suggested that the publicity of TCM should be enhanced so that more and more western people can know TCM better. As traditional Chinese medicine is objectively known by people, it benefits the whole world.

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