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Treatment concept of TCM

Curing diseases radically is a main concept of TCM in treatment. That is, find the essence and radical causes of the disease, and develop proper treatment plan aiming at eliminating the radical causes and clear away lesions. Treating at the essence is a significant principle of TCM acology.

"Essence of a disease, is like the root of a tree, the source of a river. There is no tree has no root, and no river has no source. As the source is pure, the river is clear; as the root is irrigated, the tree is blooming. That is the nature." As a result, it is proposed by ancient people that" to cure the essence of diseases".

But as for the comprehension of essence, ancient people had different ideas. Some say it is a Yin-Yang principle; while some say it refers to heat and cold; some say it is causes of diseases; some say it is from kidney and spleen. However, according to clinical practices, the essence not only include causes of diseases, characters of diseases, Yin-Yang principle, but also include pathogen, symptoms and BMI. That is how traditional Chinese medicine understand essence of diseases. 

When pathological change occur in our bodies, there suppose be some symptoms or signs. As for the essence of the pathological changes, some are obvious and some are vague. Even some diseases reflect no symptoms except for inner change. As a result, in clinical cases, "look, listen, question and feel the pulse" and technological tests are necessary when seeking the essence of diseases. By searching for the essence, according to basic theory of TCM, the disease can be exactly diagnosed, so that proper treatment can be raised. "Treating the essence of diseases, none is incurable."

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