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Relationship Between Qi and Blood

Qi and blood are two main elements in an individual's life, among which Qi is of Yang, intangible, active, and warm; blood is of Yin, tangible, still, and moistening. These are differences of Qi and blood. However, they both root the resultant of spleen and stomach, and they supplement each other, depend on eath other, and propagate each other. Blood and Qi promote life action jointly. As it is said,"Blood is in Qi and Qi is in blood, it is the nature that they cannot be isolate". In a word,"Qi is leader of blood, while blood is the mother of Qi".


How Qi influence Blood


1 Qi promotes hemopoiesis
Qi can promote the producing of blood. Sort of Qi directly take part in the producing of blood. And the aerification of Qi is the motivation of hemopoiesis. Qi in organs help lung and heart to transform elements o blood.


2 Qi promotes blood circulation
Qi can directly promote blood circulation. Qi can also indirectly promote blood circulation by promoting activities of other organs. Qi is of Yang and warm, it promotes the circulation. When the Qi is weak, blood circulation is poor; when there is a Qi obstruction, there could also be stasis. As a result, when treating diseases which is associated with blood circulation, medicine which can promote Qi is necessary in the prescription.


3 Qi "awes" blood
Qi "awes" blood. It means, Qi can keep the blood inside the vessels from overflowing. Correlatively, spleen Qi is the bind of blood. When the spleen is health and spleen Qi is adequate, blood circulates inside the vessels. If the spleen Qi is weak, blood in urine, blood in stools and congestion could occur. In clinical cases which has massive haemorrhage, large doses of tonifying Qi herbs are used.


How blood influence Qi


1 Blood tonifies Qi
Blood can keep the blooming of Qi. Qi exists attaching on blood. The circulation of blood can supply elements which are necessary for the produce of Qi. On the other aspect, lung, spleen and kidney need the nourish of blood to keep the producing of Qi.

2 Blood carries Qi
It refers that Qi exists attaching to blood, it circulates with the circulation of blood. Qi is of Yang and are active, it can diffuse quickly, as a result, Qi must attach blood to maintain its normal circulation.

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