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TCM View of Kidney and Bladder Diseases

Kidneys are located on both sides of the waist, it's muscles and vessels are connecting with the bladder. Kidneys mainly master bones. Kidney helps produce bone marrow and brain, its "opening" is on the ears. Major physiological function of kidneys is to master semen and sexual function. They also controls the growth and reproduction. The marrow of Yin and Yang are in the kidneys, so they are also called" the essence of the body". Kidneys is of water according to The Five Elements, so it gathers Qi. Bladder is a "official" of water, it stores and expels urine.

Most common pathological change of Kidney diseases is dysfunction on growth and reproduction, abnormal body fluid metabolism, weak respiratory function, abnormal brain, marrow, bone, hair, ears and discharge. As a result, clinically, pain in knees or lower back, tinnitus and deaf, baldhead, ED, PE, azoospermia, light menses, amenorrhea, edema, breathe problems and abnormal discharge are symptoms of kidney diseases. Bladder diseases often have symptoms like urinate problems, clinically reflect on urgent urinate, frequent urinate, painful urinate and so on. Because bladder and the kidneys are influencing each other, people who have kidney diseases often suffer from urinate problems.

Kidney diseases often is caused by a weakness in kidneys, while some of them are congenital. They can also be caused by having too much intercourses, dirty sex, and kidney-Qi loss as aging. Those factors would probably cause weakness and diseases in kidney. Bladder diseases is often caused by obstruction of heat and dampness. If the bladder is weak, it is normally caused by weakness in kidneys.

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