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The Excess and Deficiency of Heat (Fire)

So-called "Heat Diseases" in tcm refer to those which are caused by a excess of Yang and a deficiency of Yin, symptoms usually are hyperfunctions. "Heat diseases" can be classified as "heat-excess disease" and "heat-deficiency disease". Those which are caused by obstruction of heat are "heat-excess disease", and those those which are caused by weakness or excessive use of some organs (or tissues) are "heat-deficiency disease"


"Heat-excess disease" and "heat-deficiency disease" has different symptoms and features.


"Heat-excess disease" symptoms and features:


They are always acute diseases with short course
Fever and sweating
Feeling dizzy and and even insane
Always feeling thirsty
Thick sputum, sometimes blood can be seen in sputum
Tight stoolsRed face and eyes
Tongue is red, coating on the tongue is yellow and thick
The pulse is strong
They are commonly caused by infections
The treatment should be aiming at clearing away "heat" and expel "fire"

"Heat-deficiency disease" symptoms and features:

They are usually chronic disease with long course
Low fever, sweating when sleeping
Agitated, hard to fall asleep, have lots of dreams when sleeping.
Feeling thirsty but do not want to drink that much water
Sputum is few but sticky, blood can be seen in it
Red cheeks
Tongue is red, with less or no coating
The pulse is weak
They are commonly caused by excessive use of organs or tissues.
The treatment should aiming at tonifying Yin and clearing away "heat".

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