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UHK is Researching Influence of Qigong on CFS

A survey from University of Hong Kong found that there're 7% of people have CFS ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) who's ages are during 20 and 50. They may be suffering from throat pain and weakness. Health Behavior Research Center of University of Hong Kong has found that Qigong is possible to help people to release from CFS, and is raising volunteers to try this method.

Associate Director Wu Zhaowen refers that if a person who is having adequate sleeping, however is suffering from over 4 of the following conditions: asthenia, memory deterioration, joints pain, muscles pain, feeling tired longer than 24 hours after exercising, throat pain, or lymph pain when pressing, they may be having a CFS.

He says that the causes and appropriate treatment of CFS still remains unknown, however western researchers have put forward that "gradual exercise therapy" and "cognitive behavior therapy" help release symptoms, while TCM considers that Qigong can fight against persistent fatigue. "We have refered to plenty Chinese and western documents, and have found that Qigong can improve the condition depression and the heart.  Qigong can also promote Qi and blood circulation to balance Yin and Yang, so that to release CFS symptoms."

University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Hospital Authority are now working on this, and raising 150 CFS sufferers during the age of 20 and 50 to take part in the research.
This research is going to record several datas and collect the samples of saliva and blood. The result may be announced several months later.

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