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Parsley can also diuresis

Parsley is a common vegetable in western-style food. It can be used as spice, and it can also be eaten uncooked. Parsley is nourishing because it contains a lot of iron, vitamin A and C.

In ancient Chinese medicine book called Bencaotuichen it said that parsley can cure headache caused by liver-yang hyperactivity, red face and red eyes, top-heavy, walk unsteady and so on. And in Weishengtongxun it said parsley can clear away stomach heat, smooth blood pulse, wet whistle, improve eyesight, make nose unobstructed, brain sober, improve stomach movement, arrest cough and so on. If you are a person with hot constitution, eating parsley is good to your health.
Parsley has some ingredient to lower your blood pressure. Parsley is also helpful to steady mood and reduce fidgety. Eating parsley can also diuresis, prevent from cancer, enrich blood. So eating more if possible.

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