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Herbal Treatment for Young Men with Chronic Prostatitis

Prostatitis, which is an enemy of men, immensely affect men's life. Especially for young men who has long been suffered from it. Take Mr Wen as an example, he is about twenty-eight years old, but has already lived with prostatitis for seven years. Seven years ago, Mr Wen was diagnosed with prostatitis, which led to azoospermia. Actually he was infected with candida culture and escherichia coli. The symptom is, the testicle, perineum area and lower abdominal all pain. After one year, he has been restless since he could not bear the pain. After the diagnosis, Mr Wen sought medical help in all directions. In many public hospitals, doctors always prescribed antibiotics , but most don’t work. At this period, the most depressed thing was his fertility was affected by azoospermia which was caused by prostatitis. For this reason, his wife asked for divorce. So it is difficult to be accepted, from affection to self-esteem. Finally, Mr Wen encountered with Doctor lee after seven years.

Doctor Lee is a therapist in the field of male urogenital system inflammation. She has sound theoretical knowledge and thirty-year's experience in clinical practice. Besides, she developed herbal patented medicine. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill are successful product. The former has a significant effect in curing urinary system in women and men, and reproductive system inflammation in men. Meanwhile, Fuyan Pill is an traditional Chinese medicine aims to treat reproductive system inflammation in women.
Undoubtedly, herbal treatment is appropriate for Mr Wen. After taking Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill for a month, Mr Wen was surprised to find the symptoms went away. He continued to take the treatment with faith. About four months later, Mr Wen went to the hospital and have a test. The test result report that he was cured. 
However, he was attacked again after being cured. After the remarry, he was affected enterococcus faecalis by his new wife, which caused dung bowel coccus prostatitis this time.
In fact, his current wife has already been affected with dung bowel aureus infection for four years and she went to the doctors without meaningful results. Delighted with the efficacy of Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill, he contacted doctor Lee again. This time, he was confident in the treatment. Nevertheless, his wife held a negative view. She said, if his husband could't be cured, she would have not accept the treatment.
Much similar with last time, the treatment lasted for about four months. The result told him he was recovery. It was not until that time that Mrs Wen believed doctor Lee. She began to get treatment at once.
To treat Mrs Wen, doctor Lee used Fuyan Pill that specifically aims at reproductive system disease in women. Fortunately, doctor Lee has a wide range of knowledge and experience of treating  urogenital system, otherwise, it is difficult to deal with the situation where both couples infected. Finally, a warning should be attached importance to. That is, once you get inflammation of urogenital system, please keep your eyes open. If your mate also be infected, both of you need to be treated and persist to be cured!

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