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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis

Generally speaking, Treatment for chronic prostatitis can be divided into medical treatment and surgery. Medical treatment mainly includes traditional Chinese medicine treatment and western medicine treatment. This article is devoted to draw a conclusion and sort out treatments for chronic prostatitis. Then help patients to find out what is the most appropriate and effectivest therapy for them.

Sometimes, antibiotic can do nothing about chronic prostatitis, for the reason that chronic prostatitis almost belongs to nonbacterial prostatitis. Though antibiotic is able to remove urinary tract symptoms caused by prostatitis, the disease can not be completely cured. Actually, the unique anatomical location and physiological structure decides the complexity of this organism. The primary character of the prostate lies in the wrapped layer of lipid membrane.    
In the medical treatment, this capsule is able to confront the antibacterial drugs in the blood, which leads to drug concentration in the prostate lower than that in the blood. That is to say, no adequate dosage is able to reach the lesions. 
On the contrary, pathogenic microorganisms can easily swim downward to the glands and hide in it. Hence, the prostate capsule barrier is also one reason that can explain how stubborn the disease is. In addition, it also proves that patients who are treated with antibiotic are stuck in by-effect. Meanwhile, by-effect caused by long-time taking antibiotic damages organs like liver and kidney a lot. Recently, traditional Chinese medicine treatment encourages the world's attention. 
Clinical researches witness that pure traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and anti-inflammatory Pill is the gospel for chronic prostatitis. This medicine can gradually penetrate into the lipid membrane, then directly reach the lesions and restrain pathogenic microorganisms into the gland. Furthermore, prescription in this medicine can enhance immunity as well as treat the disease, What's more, it doesn't cause damage to the liver and kidney. 
Traditional Chinese medicine has already been dramatically respected. The number of the patients who take notice of the serious consequences of antibiotic is increasing. So how to find scientific and rational treatment is the key. To most patients with prostatitis, using antibiotic is not a wise choice. 
Except medical treatments, other common treatments are:
1. Acupuncture. 
2. Prostate massage therapy. To be brief, this method can clear prostate catheter. However, patients with acute prostatitis are forbidden to take this treatment so as to prevent the spread of infection. By the way, patients with chronic prostatitis can only take massage therapy for two or three times a week.
3. Bath therapy.
4. Injection therapy.
5. Umbilicus therapy.
6. Decoction enema therapy and Chinese medicine suppository anus .
7. Transurethral injection.
8. Qigong therapy.  
All of the above prostatitis treatments can be the reference for patients with chronic prostatitis. Patients should build confidence in overcoming the disease. Undoubtedly, chronic prostatitis is not a disease which can't be cured, the obstacles are long course and relapse. Apart from the medical treatment, good habits such as get adequate sleep, prevent colds, do not drink alcohol or have spice food are required. Moreover, exercises and interests are benefit to ease the psychological burden. 

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