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Why does prostatitis recur easily?

Prostatitis is disturbing so many people. Patients often bear the pain of prostatitis and have to be faced with difficulty in life caused by prostatitis. Thus, it is their urgent desire to find a treatment that can eradicate prostatitis.

Patients usually take antibiotics to treat chronic bacteria prostatitis. As time of therapy is long, it is easy to have drug resistance. As a result, the drug effect of antibiotics is weaker. So prostatitis can recur easily. In addition, as pathogene is more powerful to resist drug, it is harder to eradicate prostatitis.
Patients typically undergo a comprehensive exam, including a digital rectal exam. The doctor will be able to evaluate whether the prostate gland is enlarged or tender. Then, if the doctor is still not sure what you have, more tests may be done, such as a prostate fluid analysis for signs of infection, transrectal ultrasound, biopsy or voiding studies. Voiding studies involve the collection and analysis of urine to determine which part of the urinary system is infected.
After over 30 years of studying and researching, Dr. Lee Xiaoping from Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic has successfully produced a herbal remedy named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which can treat prostatitis effectively. Antibiotics are always with their side effects. They cannot be used for a long time and may cause damage to the kidneys and liver. It is reported by some patients that the longer they take antibiotics, the worse they feel, other than the decrease of symptoms. Compared with western medicines, traditional Chinese medicine can keep a long-lasting effect, has no side effect and drug resistance so Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can eradicate prostatitis. In general, suffers can recover within three months. 

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