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How to cure prostatitis naturally?

According to the statistics posted by national health center, about 30% of patients are prostatitis patients, and almost 80% of them have missed the best treating period due to the wrong choice of treating methods which makes prostatitis more difficult cure. Though there are commonly-used conventional western medicine for prostatitis, they are not suitable for all patients. As the natural treatment has become more and more popular worldwide, many patients want to have a prostatitis natural treatment.   


prostatitis natural cure


Prostatitis can bring much pain and discomfort, its typical symptoms include itching on urinary track, frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, trouble urination, pain on urethral orifice, fever, swelling on prostate, odor on scrotum and painful ejaculation, etc.


It is a prostate inflammatory disease that caused by lots of problems such as bacterial infection, injury, and lesion on prostate, so it should be valued. Prostatitis has to be treated timely and properly. Not only the prostatitis cannot be cured, patients have to bear lots of pain if they choose the wrong treatment or don't keep a strict treatment. 


Risks and complications if left untreated


lead to impotence, premature ejaculation and urinary irritation symptoms

male infertility if it cannot be cured rightly

lead to endocrine dyscrasia and mental problems

lead to chronic nephritis and even uremia when it is severer

gynecological diseases when it is transmitted to your wives


Prostatitis natural treatment


What is natural treatment? As we all know, antibiotics are commonly used to treat prostatitis. However, the side effects and drug resistance make patients suffered greatly. So the natural treatment become the main focus of prostatitis patients. Herbal formula - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill produced by Dr. Lee, is made from over 50 natural herbs, so it is as safe as  fruits and vegetables. And the herbs is wild plants, which is very natural. That is to say it can not bring any side effects to the patients. 


Besides, it can kill bacteria, remove blood stasis, soften hard lumps, promote QI and relieve the bulge and pain for patients, which can not only prostatitis from the symptoms but also from the root causes. 


In addition, it works on the whole body by improving the immunity and the self-healing ability, which greatly reduce the high relapse of prostatitis. The cure rate can be as high as 95% with the help of this herbal medicine. 


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