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Home remedies and herbal medicine can make excellent curative effect to chronic prostatitis

As is known that prostatitis (a disease occurs on man's prostate gland that can cause many symptoms like fever, chills, frequent urination, urgent urination) can be cured by many ways. However, different type of prostatitis needs different treatment. Therefore, as for chronic prostatitis, the most stubborn type, should seek for better treatment.

As a chronic prostatitis patient, you must have tried many ways such as surgery, antibiotic, massage, home remedies, herbal medicine and even pain killer. But do you try to combine them together? If you don’t, you better to combine home remedies and herbal medicine together, because the curative effect of them is excellent.
Herbal medicine can be purchased on local clinic or on line, but because the process of boiling is complicated and will produce many strange smells, so you'd better to purchase it from online. I know an herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a specific medicine in treating chronic prostatitis. This medicine can enhance immune system by improving blood circulation and QI, clearing away heat and toxic materials and so on. This medicine should be taken three times a day. ( please don't worry about that herbal medicine will bring side-effect to you just like antibiotic, herbal medicine made of herbs which are from plants and animals, so it has no side-effect)
Although taking herbal medicine also can cure your chronic prostatitis at the end, the treating course will be very long, thus, it is necessary to take some home remedies to short the treating course. Chronic prostatitis patients commonly love to reduce drinking water to avoid frequent urination. Actually, this is wrong, patients should increase drinking times and volume. Chronic patients also have to say goodbye to spicy foods and alcohol, because spicy foods also can irritated prostate organ to make symptoms severer just like alcohol. At last, patients also have to avoid long time sitting, for long time sitting can slow down blood circulation of prostate, causing congestion to this organ. 
Chronic prostatitis isn't a disease easy to cure, but it isn't a disease that cannot be cured. As long as you choose a right way and keep treating, you will say goodbye to this disease forever. 

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