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Do prostatitis patients need extra treatment even having home remedies?

As is known, prostatitis is a dangerous disease to men. Actually this disease also is a dangerous disease for women, because bacteria in prostate gland also can transmit to women via sexual contact. Prostatitis has four major types. Some of them are easy to cure, but some of them are hard.

As a prostatitis patient, there are many ways for him to choose, such as antibiotic, massage, pain killer, herbal medicine, home remedies and so on. However, because of the bad effect of antibiotic and high expense, more and more men tend to choose home remedies.
Home remedies just like increasing drinking times, increase exercise times and time, taking more juice, doing some sitz bath and so on. All of those home remedies are natural ways and won't bring side-effects like drug resistance or harms to liver and kidney. Men choose home remedies also has other reasons such as home remedies are cheap, those home remedies mentioned above don't need money. Home remedies also easy to operate. Those remedies can be done at home easily and don't need extra instruments. However, do prostatitis can be cured by those home remedies? Do prostatitis patients need extra treatment?
You must know the old saying: roman was not build in a day, so was your prostatitis. Thus, prostatitis also cannot be cured in a day. Those home remedies mentioned above do have effect for this disease, but those ways only can improve your immunity system, and make your pain milder, the bacteria - the causes of your prostatitis cannot be taken out by those home remedies. Therefore, extra treatment is necessary.
Prostatitis patients are better to choose one major treatment and make those home remedies as subsidiary way, which makes curative effect excellent. You should ask your doctor and make sure which one is best, but if you are the one who are not allergic to antibiotic and has liver and kidney problems, herbal medicine will be better.

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