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How long will chronic prostatitis be cured with TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) therapy?

When suffering from chronic prostatitis, patients have to put up with the annoying and recurrent symptoms, such as urgency and frequency, pain urination etc. And their best wish is to eliminate these symptoms thoroughly and rapidly. For the TCM treatment, how long does it take to cure prostatitis has become the focus. 
Actually, there is no definite answer for this question. How long will prostatitis be cured with TCM therapy? In generally, the treatment time is based on condition of patients'disease, physical condition and the response to herbal medicine. And the most important point is that different herbal medicines need different time to cure prostatitis. 
According to a medical clinical experience, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill that invented by Wuhan herbalist Dr. Lee Xiaoping, works on chronic prostatitis effectively. Commonly, patients can feel improvement in the first month. And according to the treatment situation of patients, their symptoms can be relieved every day until all symptoms eliminate. Some patients need only two or three months to be cured. But some patients may need more time.
How does diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill work to prostatitis? In the view of TCM, it hold a view that prostatitis is caused by “stranguria”. And the symptoms of urgency and frequency, burning sensation urination are caused by “heat stranguria” (heat gathering in human body). The symptoms of pain in the abdomen, discomfort of the penis or testicles are considered as “Qi stranguria”, Qi stranguria means that the blood and Qi are unblocked in internal body. 
To relieve the “Qi stranguria”, the herbal formula which can activate blood and resolve stasis, promote Qi and release pain is needed. The herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill contains herbs like safflower, peach seed and angelica sinensis, which can relieve pain and discomfort of the penis or testicles effectively. 
Besides, the herbal medicine contains herbs like plantain seed, Houttuynia cordata, cowherb seed, which can kill bacteria and clear away heat, stranguria-relieving and diuretic. It can not only clear away the “heat stranguria”, but also can relieve the symptoms like urgency and frequency, burning sensation urination etc. 
The herbal medicine is a complete formula, containing more than 50 rare and pure herbs. It can cure chronic prostatitis without any side effect. According to the feedbacks of patients, the herbal medicine has amazing effect to eliminate chronic prostatitis that has suffered for many years. It truly changes patient's life. 

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