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Is it true that herbal medicine is effective in prostatitis treatment?

Commonly, people prefer antibiotics as their first treatment of prostatitis. However, it turns out that the effect is not ideal. The reason why many medications can't effectively treat prostatitis and why prostatitis recurs sometimes is that people have litter idea of prostatitis. 

So what is exactly prostatitis?
Prostatitis can be divided into acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic aseptic prostatitis and chronic pelvic syndrome. According to the experts, occasionally, chronic prostatitis will reoccur in majority of patients while antibiotic treatment totally cannot guarantee to cure chronic pelvic syndrome. In this case, herbal medicine seems to be effective for prostatitis.
First, herbal medicine can penetrate into prostate because of a guiding herb
In general, one herbal medicine made of more than 10 herbs and one of them is leading herb. This lead herb is very important. As is known, herbal medicine commonly works slowly, so leading herb can reduce the treating period. Why leading herb is so amazing? Leading herb can lead the rest herbs to work on inflammatory part, which can increase the penetration speed of the rest of herbs. Therefore, one year treatment can be declined into three months if you add this leading herb in it.
Second, herbal medicine has no drug resistance
Herbal medicine is made of herbs. It works on the immune system, where most of bacterial infection in the whole body can be cleared. Thus, herbal medicine has no drug resistance. No matter how long you have to take herbal medicine, drug resistance isn't the thing you have to worry about.
Third, herbal medicine has no side-effects
Unlike antibiotic treatment, when treating disease with herbal medicine, there is no toxic materials produced that would damage our liver and kidney.
Therefore, as mentioned above, it is true that herbal medicine is effective in prostatitis treatment. What’s more, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences strongly recommends the new herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, which has brought about a striking effect on prostatitis. The formula of diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill includes plantago seed, talcum, earthworm, pangolin saffron, semen persicae, etc. 
All these Prescriptions can improve blood circulation of prostate and helps medicine to permeate prostate gland. With the function of clearing heat and toxic materials, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can kill all kinds of pathogens, and cure prostatitis fundamentally. Furthermore, with all good features of herbal medicine, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill works effectively in prostatitis treatment without any side-effects or drug resistance.

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