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Herbal Medicine For Curing Frequent Urination Caused By Prostatitis

Prostatitis is easy to recur since the commonly-use medicines are difficult to penetrate the prostate. Conventional western medicine like antibiotics usually can only control the symptoms for a short time and then develop drug resistance during a long-term treatment. This inflammation will bring male patients many unbearable symptoms and frequent urination is one of the most typical one. For patients who have to go to the bathroom frequently, their daily activities will be affected and the sleep quality will also be reduced, which will lead to mental problems such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.
frequent urination
How does prostatitis lead to frequent urination?  
If there is inflammation, it will oppress the prostate and then the prostate fluid will spill gradually. When the prostate fluid flows through the urethra region, it will induce a feeling of urinating.  
Besides, prostatitis can also lead to prostatic enlargement and calcification, which will oppress the urethra and cause frequent urination.  
How to cure frequent urination? 
For curing frequent urination caused by prostatitis, Chinese herbal medicine is recommended since it’s considered safer and more natural. For example, herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is proven to be effective in treating prostatitis symptoms and its root causes. It is made from more than 50 kinds of natural herbs and each of them has its own properties in treating this inflammation. It contains herbs which have functions of inducing diuresis so that the urine flow can be increased and the pain when urinating can also be relived. After the inflammatory substances are flushed out, the frequent urination will be reduced and become normal. In addition to resolve urinary symptoms, it can also improve blood and Qi flow and clear away heat and toxins. Thus, the prostate pain can be alleviated and the pathogenic bacteria can be eradicated as well.  
Since prostatitis is usually a long-standing inflammation, male patients should persist to the treatment until the inflammation is clear up completely.  
Except for medication treatment, diet also plays an important role in treating frequent urination. Foods such as alcohol, carbonated drinks, chocolate, and spicy cuisines can also irritate the bladder. For patients who are even a few pounds overweight, consider going on a diet: middle-aged people tend to put on weight in their abdomen, and all that extra avoirdupois exerts extra pressure on the bladder. Moreover, for patients who suffer from constipation, it’s necessary to increase the intake of foods that are high in fiber in the diet since it can also exert extra pressure on the bladder. 


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