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Which herbs to Go with Houttuynia Cordata to Treat Prostatitis

In China, there are many natural herbs that can be used as remedy for treating diseases. Among them, Houttuynia cordata is widely used because of its efficacy of detoxification and diuresis.

Houttuynia is a commonly-used small remedy for the treatment of prostatitis and male diseases. We also know that because of the limited effect of a herb, it is necessary to supplement with other herbs. Which kind of medicinal herbs are used to treat prostatitis?
Prostatitis, in the view of TCM, its root cause is under the heat of the coke, and regarded as gasification disorders. In addition to urinary tract irritation such as frequent urination, urgency, burning sensation in the urethra, there are symptoms of pain. Mayo Clinic.com has more details on Overview of Prostatitis.
For urinary tract irritation, it is classified as "leaching syndrome" in TCM. In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is considered that "the general rule is not painful, but the pain is not acceptable", which is mainly related to the Qi and blood obstruction.
Therefore, in the treatment of TCM, it mainly uses the effects of stranguria relieving, dampness dispelling, blood-circulation promoting and blood-stasis removing. For its root cause, it also uses heat-clearing and detoxifying herbs.  
Houttuynia cordata has the function of clearing away heat and detoxification, so it can play a certain bactericidal effect in the treatment of prostatitis. However, this kind of medicine is far from meeting the demand for treatment. 
In addition to the houttuynia, it is generally necessary to cooperate with psyllium and talc in the antidote. For urinary urgency and pain symptoms, it is also necessary to use Diuretic, stranguria-relieving, blood activating and phlegm-clearing herbs, such as psyllium, the seed of cowherb, red peony, angelica, peach kernel, etc., patients may wish to directly take the oral medication Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is summed up by Wuhan Dr.Lee TCM Clinic based on decades of clinical experience, from the use of Psyllium, talc, buckwheat, sorghum, safflower, peach kernel, angelica, red peony, houttuynia, the seed of cowherb, etc. 
The complete prescription of over 50 kinds of herbal ingredients can not only eliminate the symptoms of urgent and frequent urination and pain, but also completely kill various bacterial viruses in 1-3 courses, so that the mycoplasma and chlamydia can be turned negative, and the symptoms can go away ultimately.
In addition to Houttuynia cordata, it is also compatible with wide a variety of other medicinal materials. The complete prescription makes the treatment of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill more effective. The clinical treatment for many years has also helped many patients to solve the problems.
Full-featured Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can start from the patient's internal environment, improve the overall physical condition of the patient, cure prostatitis more comprehensively and effectively, and as long as the patient is cured, he should pay attention to life habits, so as to effectively prevent the recurrence.

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