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Can Chinese Herb Fumigation and Steaming Therapy Treat Chronic Prostatitis?

At present, one of the causes of chronic prostatitis is the prostate barrier, which reduces the concentration of antibiotics penetrating into the prostate duct, acinus, and prostatic fluid.
In addition, the pathological changes of prostatitis itself and fibrosis around the focus also affect the diffusion of drugs, resulting in the majority of antibiotics in prostate tissue that can not reach the effective bactericidal concentration, and the treatment effect is not ideal.
Therefore, Chinese herb fumigation and steaming therapy have been welcomed by more and more people. The traditional Chinese medicine fumigation therapy is also called steam therapy, steam bath therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine atomization transdermal therapy.
It is an external treatment therapy guided by the TCM theory, which uses the steam produced by the decoction of medicine to achieve the therapeutic effect. It is also effective in the treatment of chronic prostatitis,
On the one hand, the medicine is absorbed through the skin after being atomized, and the herbs used can be selected according to the TCM theory, which maintains the characteristics of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment.
On the other hand, the temperature of traditional Chinese medicine vapor can be adjusted and maintained through the heating effect of the instrument. It not only conforms to the theory of internal and external treatment of TCM and the principle of syndrome differentiation but also conforms to the principle of modern medicine.
But Chinese herb fumigation and steaming therapy can only alleviate prostatitis, but not achieve the goal of a cure. Prostatitis is a disease caused by the changes in the internal environment in the body. It needs to be treated from the internal environment of the body, so the effect of traditional Chinese herbal medicine is the best treatment.
The key to the cure of every disease lies in symptomatic treatment. Only the original traditional Chinese herbal medicine can realize this.
Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good example, it contains more than 50 natural herbs, such as plantain seed, dianthus superbus, polygonum aviculare, safflower, Houttuynia cordata, peach kernel, cowherb seed, etc., which fully achieves the function of broad-spectrum antibiotics, can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and pathogens, and also has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria, and anti-proliferation.
These effects can not only eliminate the symptoms but also help the patients improve immunity, so as to achieve the effect of treating both symptoms and causes. In addition, as we know that there is a layer of lipid capsule in the prostate, and it is difficult for generic drugs to enter into the prostate to play their efficacy directly.
In order to solve this problem, Dr. Lee added the channel ushering drug in the formula of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can make the efficacy directly reach the prostate and give a full play to its efficacy.
During the treatment, patients should also pay attention to the following five items: careful medication, personal hygiene, regular life, balanced diet and maintaining a good attitude, so as to avoid the aggravation of prostatitis and cause greater impact. Best wishes for your recovery!
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