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Famous Doctors Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Explain Prostate Diseases

Health lecture "How to Prevent and Treat Prostate Diseases" was finished successfully on November 22nd. The following are opinions of famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


Professor Qin Wanchang began his lecture on "prevention and treatment of prostate diseases". He said, prostate diseases are very common in the elderly men, which can also be seen as a kind of untold misery.

According to Dr. Wu Zhenming, TCM is not a skill, but a way of thinking and a method of life. Urinary system disease in TCM is about stranguria, namely the stone stranguria, qi stranguria, fat stranguria, labor stranguria, and blood stranguria. Patients with prostate disease can be inevitably accompanied by dry eyes and pharynx. It will not just be a simple urinary tract problem, the intestines can also be hot and humid, generally manifested by unclean stools, falling sensation, and even hemorrhoids.


Dr. Wu point out that enhancing qi is the routine health care method. Don't be in a hurry to get up for urination in the morning. You can do a stretch, and tap guanyuan point and zhongji point in the pubic region until the the lower abdomen gets thermal. When urinating, be sure to bite the molar teeth, to help improve the endless urination.


He also said, "To revitalize traditional Chinese medicine, we must be pragmatic and make it clear that traditional Chinese medicine is not only a skill, but also the inheritance of thousands of years of eastern philosophy. It is a kind of wisdom. We now pay too much attention to the cultivation of intelligence, and too little to the cultivation of wisdom. Intelligence can be acquired through hard work, but wisdom needs to be induced."


Professor Yuan yune concluded at the end of the event, “How to use the new technology of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine to complement the health maintenance system of male genitourinary system (prostate), and finally to improve the life and health quality, and improve the health level of the Chinese nation, is our purpose in this health lecture. It is the exclusive conditioning characteristic of Chinese medicine to adopt the method of combining Traditional Chinese and western medicine and carrying out health maintenance continuously.”

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