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Can Plantain Herb Treat Chronic Prostatitis Effectively?

When it comes to chronic prostatitis, many male friends feel embarrassed. In fact, chronic prostatitis is a very common disease in clinical practice, which belongs to the reproductive system disease. Because the prostate gland is invaded by bacteria, it causes inflammation. There is no doubt that the onset of chronic prostatitis will cause great harm to male reproductive health, so patients must pay attention to the active treatment.


In daily life, many men have heard that plantain herb can be used to treat chronic prostatitis. In fact, plantain herb is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with the functions of clearing away heat, removing toxins, reducing inflammation and relieving stasis. Therefore, can plantain herb treat chronic prostatitis effectively?



Modern pharmacological studies have shown that plantain herb has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-ulcer effects, and can be compatible with other heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs for the treatment of eczema, dampness-heat, stranguria and other diseases. While the plantain seed is a dry and mature seed, which can nourish kidney and liver, and has certain heat-clearing ability and detoxification function. 


Modern pharmacological studies also have shown that plantain seed can be used to protect liver, lower blood pressure and resist oxidation. You should notice that plantain seed is not toxic but cold. For someone with physical cold or whose body is relatively weak, they should take it with caution.


Commonly, for the mild prostatitis, this herbal ingredient can be used to help improve the body condition. But because the condition of each patient is different, the effect of plantain herb can not always be very satisfying. If the prostatitis is caused by a bacterial invasion, it is usually treated with antibiotics in clinical practice. However, it is important to note that long-term use of antibacterial drugs may cause side effects and drug resistance, so patients must be treated scientifically under the guidance of a professional physician.


For chronic prostatitis, whether it is bacterial or non-bacterial, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is adequate for the treatment. It is a Chinese medicine made from more than fifty herbal ingredients, including the plantain seed by the way. It can effectively eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, clear away heat, remove adverse substances in the body, improve the local blood circulation and promote the prostate health. 


The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Is a natural therapy, to improve the body immunity, so it won’t cause any side effects on human body or result in drug resistance. For patients with chronic prostatitis, they can take the pill for the long-term treatment, to effectively achieve the goal of a thorough restoration.


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