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Diet for preventing prostate cancer

 As an old Chinese saying goes, illness finds its way in by the mouth. For men who wants to keep healthy, diet plays an important role. Vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, cabbages or cauliflowers are all beneficial to our health. Especially for men.  

A new report from U.S. National Cancer Institute indicates that taking tomatoes, cauliflowers, cabbages for more than three times a day, men can decrease half the risk of prostate cancer.  
It has been reported that Fred He Jinsen research center had done a research to 1230 men whose ages range from 40 to 64. Half of them are patients who have prostate cancer. Having the fruits and vegetables and its relevance with the disease are the main objective of this research. Clinical results shows that men at this age are not at a high risk of prostate cancer, so they meet the requirement. In other words, they guarantee the accuracy of the study. 
As a consequence, 15 percent of the respondents who have vegetables and fruits three times a day runs 48% risk of prostate cancer lower than people who have little vegetables and fruits. People who have cauliflowers and cabbages three times a week can reduce 41% of the risk.  
The researchers believe that nutrients and special phytochemicals in vegetation can effectively remove waste from our body, which also prevents toxin which induces cancer from staying too long in body. But what should be paid attention to is that if the special ingredients in the plants are refined, which can be produces as drinks, while it may not run the function that regulates physiology.       
Therefore, Dr. Lee suggests patients to keep this diet which can prevent cancer.
Drink a glass of tomato juice for breakfast.
Have a salad which contains carrots, cabbages or cauliflowers for lunch.
Have beans for dinner.
Prepare some tomatoes or other fruits as snack.

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