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Can Prostaitits be cured with natural plants?

Diruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is made of pure natural plants. It has many different kinds of ingredients, such as plantago seed, pink herb, armstrong, talc, pberetima, seaweed, kelp, pangolin, etc. It is completely a breakthrough in curing prostate disease.

First, it has the effects of sterilization, clearing bruise, expulsion of toxin and retraction of gland. For patients with prostatitis, Diruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can improve the permeability of prostate capsule so that the effective plant ingredients can enter into the gland for killing pathogen, eliminate hyperemia and hematoma of posterior urethra and prostate, clear the block in the gland tube so as to make the gland circulation to be unobstructed and conduct or discharge hazardous substance such as purulent secretion, metabolin and toxin, then eliminate ache and other discomfort symptoms.
For patients with prostatitis hyperplasia, pangolin in Diruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively stop the compound of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the cause of hyperplasia, so as to inhibit or reverse the prostatitis hyperplasia and destroy directly the granzyme in the gland's cell end, inhibit cell's divide and grow, induce the hyperplasia cells apoptosis, urge the hyperplasia organization shrink. Then the prostate can retract as normal and the urination disorder can be removed.
Second, recover the mechanism of the gland; rebuild immunity system of the gland: As Diruetic and Anti-inflammatory Pill eliminate disease symptoms of prostate, maintain the gland circulation to be unobstructed, it also can improve the blood circulation of the inner prostate; recover the normal physiology function, secretion and excretive function as well as retraction ability of the prostate gland tube and acinus; improve the inner environment of the gland; reduce the generating of dihydrotestosterone; regulate the trace elements level of prostate; increase the thickness of zinc ion in prostate; regulate the PH value of prostatic fluid; increase the level of superoxide dismutase; strengthen the phagocytic function of reticular endothelial cells. 
Through these, prostate can be recovered to normal situation, the immunity system can be rebuilt, and the immunizing power of the gland will be increased totally. The cured prostate diseases will not recurrence, the compound of cancer cell's DNA can be inhibited, the activation of external oncogene can be stopped so as to reduce the probability of prostate cancerization.

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