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Avoid four misunderstandings in prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis means the prostate might be inflamed. It is a common and frequently-occurring disease in male genitourinary system.  Although prostatitis is very common, due to some false reports and intentional exaggeration, people have some misundertandings in prostatitis treatment. Below lists some misunderstandings in prostatitis treatment.
First misunderstanding: chronic prostatitis is as the same as prostatic hypertrophy. They need the same treatment.
Many patients consider the two different diseases are the same. It is totally wrong. Prostatitis the inflammation condtition caused by bacterial or non bacterial infection.  Prostate hyperplasia is hyperplasia of prostate tissue. The latter affects mostly middle aged and aged people. Prostatitis affects young people. Though prostatitis influences benign prostatic hyperplasia with each other, wouldn't lead to BPH directly. Two of the diseases are so different that they can't take the same treatment.
Second misunderstanding: you can only take antibiotics as prostatitis treatment.
Most prostatitis sufferers are chronic prostatitis, whcih can be classified as non-bacterial prostatitis and bacterial prostatitis. Antibiotic has a good effect of killing bacteria, but has nothing to do with non bacterial chronic prostatitis. Long term use of antibiotics would make pathogens be resistant to drugs and cause bad effects. For these reasons, patients should not only take antibiotics as prostatitis treatment, but aslo choose effectve and non resistant medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The medicine formulates many herbs to remove blood stasis, clear heat and toxic materials. It has excellent efficacy on treaing both non-bacterial and bacterial prostatitis.
Third misunderstanding: prostatitis can't be cured
Actually, prostatitis is not that serious as people imagine. The reason that prostatitis is hard to be cured is that prosate is easily get hyperemia whcih causing serious prostatitis. many factors can affect prostate hyperemia and lead to recurrance of prostatitis symtoms, such as excessive fatigue and diet intemperance. As long as prostatitis patients restrict diet, balance life style, take effective treatment and avoid bad factors, prostatitis can be cured.
Forth misunderstanding: Prostatitis is contagious
Whether prostatitis is contagious mainly depends on the pathogenic bacteria. If the pathogenic bacteria of prostatitis are Ordinary coccus or bacillus, prostatitis is not contagious. If the pathogenic bacteria are sexually transmitted pathogens such as chlamydia or Mycoplasma, then people shoud avoid sex intercourse to keep away from infection. If the prostatitis is non bacterial, there is no possiblity for infection with others. Therefore, people who suffer form chronic prostatitis can have sexual life, no need to worry about being infected.
In a word, prostatitis is not fearful. Prostatitis can be cured. What is trully fearful is that you take prostatitis treatment without realizing the misunderstandings, which not only waste money, but also delay the treatment. So, people should avoid the four misunderstandings of prostatitis treatment.

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