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Do not treat non bacterial prostatitis with antibiotics

Treating nonbacterial prostatitis and the regular prostatitis should be different. Causes of nonbacterial prostatitis remain unclear, and this infection is not caused by bacteria, therefore, antibiotics cant be used for treating nonbacterial prostatitis. Complex treatment is the most common clinical treatment.

The symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitis and bacterial prostatitis are similar, including prostate pain, distending pain on perineum, scrotum, groin and waist. Sometimes, the urethral orifice may appear abnormal discharge after bowel movement and urination. And some patients with nonbacterial prostatitis may experience frequent urination, urodynia, urgent urination and burning sensation when urinate. Some patients may even suffer from neurasthenia and sexual dysfunction.
Dont treat nonbacterial prostatitis with antibiotics, or it may lead to another prostate infection, and then develop into a chronic one. Many chronic prostatitis patients have no idea about that, as well as some doctors.
Treatment for nonbacterial prostatitis accounts for 65% of the whole prostatitis treatment. As the causes remain unclear, it suggests that prostate congestion is associated with nonbacterial prostatitis in some people. The causes include excessive alcohol, excitant food, frequent sex and long-time riding are possible causes of nonbacterial prostatitis.
When treating nonbacterial prostatitis, patients have to control their dietary habit, choose plain foods and keep a good mood. These are helpful to the prostatitis treatment.

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