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Prostatitis is not a problem anymore

I am a 14 years old boy with prostatitis, at the first time when I have painful ejaculation. I cannot believe that I have prostatitis. I am only 14 years old, and how can I have such problems and how can I tell my parents that I have had prostatitis?

But now, I am so glad that prostatitis is not a problem anymore because I had tried so many treatments. At first, I put my problem on yahoo answers, and one told me that I can use herbal medicine to cure this disease, but when I find the price of this herbal medicine is too high, I bring this pill out of my mind. Then I try to use antibiotic, and it do is excellent in the first few days. But one week later, the symptoms caused by prostatitis comes back and become severer. Thus, although many people say antibiotic is the typical treatment of prostatitis, I think this is wrong, for antibiotic can cure prostatitis within days and weeks, but the relapse rate is very high. What’s more, there are many men with prostatitis still do not change their bad living habits such as loving eat spicy food, smoking and so on.
After this wrong experience, I remember the answers and try to take this herbal medicine. So I contact their online doctors and purchase one month pill. In the first 15 days, I cannot feel any improvement, so I contact them again, and want to send the rest pill back, for they have a refund policy that they provide 15 days free pills. But they told me that I should take those pills again and also give me some successful stories for me, so I told them that if it still won’t work, I will sue them. But they said they are sure that it will work, so I have to take those pills again. Then, I begin to take this pill again, and I am glad that I continue to take this pill again, for it works, and the curative effect is excellent. My pain becomes mild and the difficult urination becomes better too.
After three months treatments with herbal medicine, now, my prostatitis is gone and I become health again. TCM is so amazing.

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