Case of male infertility caused by prostatitis

1. Personal information

Name: Mr. Wilson

Gender: male

Age: 27 


2. Major symptoms

The patient had suffered from prostatitis for 7 years. According to the routine check of prostate: escherichia coli, candida infections, and lecithin corpuscle 1 plus showed in the test result. For routine check of semen: non-liquescence of semen after one hour, 20% livability of semen. Main symptoms include testicular pain, perineum bulge and lower abdominal distension 


3. Previous treatments

For 6 years, he went to hospitals in USA and he was treated in a large hospital for one year. But all failed. And he got divorced due to the prostatitis. He suffered from the disease for 7 years and treated it with 7 years. He had spent much money on western medicine and did not reach his expectation.


4. Herbal treatment cured his illness

When he learned that Dr. Lee's clinic can treat prostatitis and male infertility with traditional Chinese medicine, he contacted us for treatment. After two-month treatment, his symptoms were still the same due to sexual intercourse. Dr. Lee asked him to restrict the habit of sexual intercourse and try to lie for rest. After he took the medicine for 4 months, he did routine check of prostate and it returned to normal, lecithin corpuscle 3 plus signs. After 5 months, routine check of semen showed normal, indication: semen liquefied after 20 minutes, normal livability of semen and he was cured. There was some occasional symptoms, which disappeared after 2-month consolidated treatment. The patient said emotionally that he didn't think his prostatitis can be cured and he really made it. 

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