A Man With 2 Yeas Prostatitis Was Cured Successfully

 "I’ve been diagnosed with prostatitis for almost 2 years. Though I was prescribed antibiotics when I had my first prostatitis, the pain and discomfort keep come and go. It’s really excruciating. Some antibiotics can eliminate the symptoms for several days. However, if I stop the medication for some days, the discomfort will come back.”


Mr. Black is from Canada. He is 30 years old. His prostatitis started with pain in penis, burning urination, and sore penis. He though the symptoms are caused by over masturbation, so he stopped the past couple of weeks.

He went to the doctor. He was given a prostate check and diagnosed with prostatitis. He was prescribed bactrim. But pain still in his penis when urinating, more in the middle to tip. The condition seems have no improvement. Then he was recommend herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill by his friend. He decided to have a try.


“I ordered one month medication to have a try. After the first treating course, the pain in penis was relived a little. But the urinary disorders still has no improvement. Then I ordered another medication to cure the burning and pain during urination. The problem was cured step by step. Though there was still a little burning when urinating after the second month medication, the urinary frequency was cured with no recurrence. Dr. Lee suggested me to avoid eating spicy food and no alcohol, coffee and smoking. Strictly keep to the food prohibitions, the prostatitis was cured radically. I want to say big thanks to Dr. Lee”  


In order to avoid the recurrence of the disease, Mr. Black ordered third month medication to have a consolidation.


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