Necrospermia Caused By Prostatitis Was Successfully Cured

Name: Mr. Green

Sex: M
Consulting time: Apr. 25th, 2016
Statement: Diagnosed with prostatitis for 2 years, it causes symptoms like frequent urination, pain in pelvic and genital areas, and necrospermia.    
Previous Tests/Dianosis: Prostatitis
Management: 5 courses of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
Dietary requirement: no alcohol, cigarette, coffee, milk, fished, seafood, beef, spicy food.
Patient claimed that “After a month of this pill, My pain in pelvis was relieved a little. But the urinary frequency still the same.”
After two months’ pills, “ I have a examination of my sperm quality, it seemed that it has little improvement. The good news was my need to urinate a lot was improved a lot.”
The pain in genital areas was eliminated at the end of the fourth month, “ Since the curative effect is satisfying, so I decide to order another month of medication to cure the necrospermia.” 
During the fifth month, the urinary frequency recurred a little, “Dr. Lee suggests me to pay more attention to my diet so I keep to the food prohibitions and continue my medication.”
“I had another examination of my sperm after my medication and the result showed that my sperm quality was greatly improved. I was so happy to hear the good news. Then I asked Dr. Lee how to prevent the recurrence and she advised me to take one more month medication to have a consolidation. And it proven to have helped me a lot. ”
Result: The pain and urinary disorders gone. Besides, the necrospermia was cured. 

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