Success Case On 5 Years Chronic Prostatitis

Name: Mr. Beck 

Gender: Male 
Age: 46 years old 
Chief statement: urinary frequency and urgency, pain in pelvic and genital areas, painful urination, a need to urinate a lot at night, premature ejaculation.
Medical history: Mr. Beck was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis 5 years ago. He has tried many different antibiotics, physical therapies, home remedies, but none of them can really cure the stubborn disease. The urinary disorders severely affect his sleep quality. He couldn’t sit for a long time for the genital areas will be uncomfortable. Once stopped taking medicines, the pain will be severer. 
Western diagnosis: chronic prostatitis
Consulting time: 2016.4 
Treating course: Five-month treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill 
Pain when urinating was relieved. But the pain in pelvic and genital areas still there. And he still had an urge need to urinate frequently. Then Dr. Lee suggested him  keeping to the diet requirements. 
2016. 6
The urinary frequency was reduced a little. He used to urinate 8 to 10 times at night, after two month-treatment, he just needed to urinate 5 to 7 times. Besides, the pain in pelvis and genital areas has been alleviated almost. But he still had problem of premature ejaculation. So he continued taking this pill.  
Urinary disorders and the pain had been cured radically. Since he still had problem with ejaculation sometimes, Dr. Lee asked him to continue taking the treatment to have a permanently recovery.    
At the end of the fifth month, all his symptoms had been eliminated completely. He went to the local hospital to have tests, all results showed normal. The chronic prostatitis was cured radically. 

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