8 Years of Chronic Prostatitis Cured By Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

I am 36, from Ohio. I had chronic prostatits for 8 years, that really greatly affected my life quality. Because of the severe pain in pelvis, genital areas, lower abdomen and lower back, I had to be in bed all the time. The symptoms move from urethra to prostate, back, ass, testicles so when you feel you finished with a symptom there starts another.


I also have a need to urinate frequently. It’s hard for me to hold back urine when there is an urinary urgency. My sex life is not good because I get erectile dysfunction when chronic prostatits is active.


I had used antibiotics for removing the infection and pain-relievers for alleviating the pain. But there was no significant improvement. When I have flare ups, no medication works to control the pain. Or it may work for some weeks and then all of a sudden stop working. Symptoms kept coming and going and it seemed I cannot really control them. I was so desperate and had an urge to find an effective medicine.   


Last summer, a friend told me herbal medicine can treat prostatitis with great curative effect. So I searched the Internet and found Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. I didn’t know whether if it could heal my condition. But I still gave it a try. Surprisingly, my pain in genital areas was relieved after 2 months medication. I continued taking this pill and the urinary symptoms were reduced gradually.


After 5 months medication, I could urinate normally, the prostatitis pain was eliminated completely. And my ED problem was resolved as well. To make sure the infection was cured fully, I went the hospital to have some check-ups. My doctor told me there was no infection exist. How happy I was when I hearing the good news. 


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