Chronic Prostatitis Finally Cured With Herbal Medicine

I had suffered from chronic prostatitis for nearly 15 years. I had seen all types doctors and tried everything but nothing worked for me. They could not find a reason for the infection. I had to live with the frequent need to go to the bathroom and the pain in my lower back, lower abdominal, pelvis and genital areas. It also caused anxiety and depression. I started to do my own research as to why a healthy person could always have infections.


Then I came across a website which provides a herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. I found many men with prostatitis were cured fully by taking this medicine. So I decided to give it a try and hope it could help me get rid of the infection.   

After taking this pill for a month, I felt the pain became mild but the frequent urination was increased. Dr. Lee told me it was not the side effect of the pill, but a way to discharge the inflammatory substances in urine. Then I continued with the medication. Two months later, the frequent urination is reduced greatly and I could sleep for one hour without going to the bathroom.
My pain in the pelvic and genital areas was relieved completely after taking this pill for 5 months. Since there was still pain during ejaculation, I ordered one more month medication to completely cure the infection. All my pain and discomfort disappeared after I finished the last course of the medication. No more prostate infections. 

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