4 Years Prostatitis Cured Fully

I had prostatitis for the last past 4 years. I was prescribed with Cipro but it didn't seem to work, then he gave me a more stronger antibiotics Doxycycline for a few months, the symptoms were almost relieved. However, one month later, the symptoms recurred and kept on and off. I went to my doctor again and was prescribed with Levaquin which is considered the best medicine for it. But the therapeutic effect seemed not so good. I still experienced like a burning sensation in my left testicle when I urinate. And other symptoms were still there, including discomfort in the perennial area (while sitting) and pain in the lower back and left thigh. Apart from these, I also had to urinate 5 or 6 times in 8 hours on some nights. This was really stressing, tiring and it caused problems at work.

I searched many information about managing prostatitis. I knew the effect of the treatment also depended on the lifestyle changes, so I drank lots of water to flush out the bacteria and kept a regular sexual intercourse to clear my prostate. These really helped. But I still had no method to get rid of it fully.
Luckily, I found Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill when I searching herbal medicine on the web. I told my wife that I wanted to try this medicine and she was very happy to know there was a new hope for a full recovery. So I ordered two months’ medication. 
My pain was relieved greatly after taking this pill for a month. And the burning sensation in my left testicle disappeared. But the frequent urination was still the same. Dr. Lee told me the diuretic herbs in the pill will increase the urine flow which helped to relieve the difficulty urination and flushed out the bacteria. And after the inflammation was removed, the frequent urination would be reduced.
The urinary symptoms were eliminated completely after I finished two months medication. And the pain in testicle, perennial area, lower back and left thigh was cured as well. Dr. Lee advised me to take one more month’s medication to consolidate the recovery and prevent a relapse, so I continued taking this pill for one month. All the infection was cleared fully after 3 months’ medication. It’s amazing.    

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