Treatment of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for 4 Courses

Name: Mr. Wong   Gender: Male   Age: 26

Chief complaint: chronic bacterial prostatitis for five or six years.
History of present illness: frequent urination, urinary retention, yellow urine, urinary hesitancy.
- The scrotum was moist, the semen was yellow, and liquefaction was slow.
History of treatment: tried a variety of Western medicine drugs, drug names are unknown. No improvement was observed. Symptoms had worsened in recent years.
History of drug allergy: N/A
Family history: no infectious and hereditary diseases
Laboratory Tests: Prostate Routine
Initial diagnosis: chronic bacterial prostatitis
Treatment: natural herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, basic formula plus an additional diuretic formula
Examinations: lecithin bodies, leukocytes, erythrocytes, spermatozoa
According to Mr. Wong's condition, the doctor decided to use the traditional Chinese medicine (herbal medication) Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment, which was mainly used for clearing away heat and toxic substances, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, diuresis, anti-proliferation, anti-calcification and other effects.
The purpose is to fundamentally change the constitution of the patient: damp invasion of lower energizer, renal fire movement, liver dysfunction, Qi stagnation. In the formula, psyllium seed, polygonum aviculare, dianthus superbus, poria cocos, and licorice clear heat and dampness. Safflower and peach kernel activate blood circulation. Radix paeoniae rubra and flos carthami can improve prostate microcirculation and have antifibrotic effect.
Reasonable medication - it improves the internal environment, completely cures chronic bacterial prostatitis: Elimination of prostatic inflammation, promotion of prostate Qi and blood patency, prostate function returned to normal, then the examination of prostate routine showed normal, semen routine also showed normal, the condition recovered to prevent recurrence.
Treatment results: after the treatment, Mr. Wong had a reduced urinary frequency, semen color was not as yellowish as before, scrotal moist symptoms were relieved, constipation was also alleviated, discomfort symptoms basically disappeared, and the body basically recovered to health.
Examination items: lecithin body: 3 "+", WBC: < 10/HP, RBC < 5/HP, and the sperm routine showed normal.
- The results showed normal.
No matter what kind of disease, patients should pay attention to diet and living habits in daily life, good diet and living habits can speed up the recovery, then, what is it that chronic bacterial prostatitis patients should pay attention to?
1. Drink enough water.
Drinking water has certain benefits for patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis, can contribute to urination, flushing the urethra out of germs.
2. Light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables.
For patients with prostatitis, eating more apples can increase the content of zinc in the prostate, do good to the prostate self-antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ability, which is very beneficial for the treatment of chronic prostatitis.
Tomatoes contain large amounts of a carotenoid called lycopene, a more potent antioxidant than carotene, which prevents and disrupts oxidation in the prostate and helps maintain sexual function in men.
3. Taboo wine and spicy food.
Alcohol and spicy food have the effect of dilating blood vessels, will cause the blood vessels in the prostate to continue to dilate, so that the prostate is in a state of long-term congestion, so long-term eating of spicy food or long-term drinking of alcohol will not only induce prostatitis but also aggravate prostatitis.
4. Taboo sex life, masturbation, high-temperature cleaning, squeeze, long standing, exposion to coldness, staying up late, overwork or other harmful behavioral habits.

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