Chronic Prostatitis Success Case for a European Patient

This was a patient named Tadas from Lithuania of Europe. The patient was unfortunately diagnosed with chronic prostatitis four years ago. At first, he was treated with antibiotics, physical therapy and various drugs, but his condition never improved. By chance, he learned that natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill could treat his disease, so he ordered one course of this TCM formula.

During the first course of the medication, the improvement was not as good as expected because TADAS did not follow the dietary instructions. We learned of the confusion of the patient through the email sent by Tadas, and told Tadas once again to avoid the intake of spicy and greasy food, and pay more attention to personal hygiene. For example, the toiletries should be separated, towels and underwear should be disinfected with boiling water every day, and sexual life should be suspended temporarily to prevent cross-infection or stimulation of infection.

So Tadas started the second course of treatment in the way exactly as what the doctor told him. Fortunately, in less than three months, Tadas had his urinary frequency, urgency and other symptoms disappeared. To prevent recurrence, Tadas bought another course of medication for consolidation. And he thanked Dr.Lee by email for his recovery.


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