Nonbacterial Prostatitis Success Case - A testimonial from Abdulrahman of USA

Abdulrahman of the United States, who was on a trial basis before receiving Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, he was initially unconvinced that herbal remedies could cure his non-bacterial prostatitis. It was not until when 8 months of antibiotic treatment could not relieve his pain, that he began to contact us and sought treatment with our TCM formula.

Abdulrahman, who once complained about his lack of improvement during the first course of Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill, gave feedback at the end of the initial medication that the pain had begun to decrease so he ordered a second course of pills. In the next course of medication, the degree of pain reduction was clearly felt, and in the third course of treatment, the symptoms began to go back and forth - sometimes the pain could be felt, and other times there was no pain for several days.

During that time period, the most obvious symptom was that the original night urination 2-3 times reduced to only once, sometimes he did not have to urine at night. Of course, Abdulrahman could occasionally feel the pain, especially the burning sensation in the prostate, although the pain was lessening and sometimes disappearing.

But these months of medication, made him sure for the first time that his pain could disappear, so he continued to take the fourth, the fifth and the sixth courses of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills. As Abdulrahman put it, it was hard to change eating habits for so many years, but the pain and discomfort of so many years went away bit by bit.

In the end, we would like to quote Abdulrahman's words: "I firstly thank God for guiding me to this Chines medicine and lastly I thank both Dr. Lee and Dr. Wang for their help."

Here is a Thank-You Letter & Testimonial from Abdulrahman:




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