Biofeedback Therapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

The etiology of chronic pelvic pain syndrome is still not completely clear. Recently, biofeedback has made great progress in the treatment of chronic pelvic floor pain syndrome and achieved good results.
Biofeedback therapy (BFT) is a new technology in modern physical therapy, which involves the comprehensive application of many disciplines, including physical medicine, cybernetics, psychology, physiology, and other disciplines. The main method is to use a biofeedback therapy instrument to improve the contraction function of pelvic floor muscles.
Indications of biofeedback therapy for CPPS
Recurrent prostatitis, other treatments are ineffective, and the bacteriological examination shows nonbacterial infection.
Recurrent frequency and urgency of urination without abnormality in cystoscopy
Dre found that pelvic floor muscle was tense or had trigger point.
EMG of pelvic floor increased significantly
Systematic biofeedback training
First of all, we should establish treatment motivation, connect patients with instruments, and explain the mechanism and advantages of biofeedback therapy.
The training schedule is usually arranged 5 times a week, 2 weeks as a course of treatment, which is carried out in the mode of consulting room treatment combined with a family practice.
Each time, the anal electrode is used to connect the patient with the machine for 20 minutes.

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