Treatment of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for 4 Courses

History of present illness: frequent urination, urinary retention, yellow urine, urinary hesitancy.- The scrotum was moist, the semen was yellow, and liquefaction was slow.

Case report on a senior citizen with prostatic hyperplasia

As he had frequent urination and too much urination at night, he was diagnosed with prostatic hyperplasia. He took a surgery ten years ago. However, the symptoms recurred in the recent four years and he still urinated frequently.

To cure acute prostatitis in ten days

A migrant worker with acute prostatitis was cured by me in ten days 1. Causes of acute prostatitis Acute prostatitis is most commonly caused by urinary tract infection which is not timely cured.

Case of male infertility caused by prostatitis

The patient had suffered from prostatitis for 7 years. According to the routine check of prostate: escherichia coli, candida infections, and lecithin corpuscle 1 plus showed in the test result.

Case report on a man with Chlamydial prostatitis

A man with Chlamydial prostatitis was cured by me. Personal information Name: Mr. Yin, male, 33, address: Shandong Luhua Group. Major symptoms: Perineum pain, penis irritation, testicular pain, small thigh pain.

Case report on a patient with mycoplasmal prostatitis

A man with mycoplasmal prostatitis was cured by me. Personal information Name: Mr. Chen, male, 27, address: Wuhan, time: May 2005. Major symptoms Testicular pain and perineum bulge for 5 years.

Male infertility caused by necrospermia due to prostatitis

The patient said that the pain in spermary is gone buta little bit swollen. After treatment for three months, the mycosplasma is turned into negative, much lecithin corpuscle, normal in routine check of semen; the symptoms disappeared and he was cured

Case of a patient with bloody semen due to prostatitis

There was blood in the semen in coffee color; abdominal pain, perineal bulge, apparent aggravation of pain at ejaculation. The diagnosis from Shenzhen hospital was vesiculitis; no improvement from treatment of Western medicine.

A Success Case On Curing Chronic Prostatitis With TCM

I shocked to see the size of my scrotum when I first noticed I had infected with prostatitis. I immediately went to the doctor and was prescribed Cipro. I was told to sit in tub of water as hot as I could stand several times a day.

Successful Case On BPH

Mr. J 67 yesrs old American He has been diagnosed with BPH in 2009, and found my treatment in 2010. His only problem was when urinating , it stoped and started, the urine didn't have an even continuous flow until finished.