To cure acute prostatitis in ten days

A migrant worker with acute prostatitis was cured by me in ten days 1. Causes of acute prostatitis Acute prostatitis is most commonly caused by urinary tract infection which is not timely cured. The diseased urinary tract may possibly infect the prostate gland, causing acute prostatitis . The acute prostatitis may also caused by acute infections of skin, tonsils, dental caries, intestinal tract or respiratory tract. The bacteria can reach the prostate gland via blood, causing inflammation of the prostate gland. 2.Treatment of acute prostatitis Acute prostatitis is a medical emergency. And it can very possibly cause the complications such as seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis and orchitis. The

Case of male infertility caused by prostatitis

1. Personal information Name: Mr. Wilson Gender:male Age: 27 2. Major symptoms The patient had suffered from prostatitis for 7 years. According to the routine check of prostate: escherichia coli, candida infections, and lecithin corpuscle 1 plus showed in the test result. For routine check of semen: non-liquescence of semen after one hour, 20% livability of semen. Main symptoms include testicular pain, perineum bulge and lower abdominal distension 3. Previous treatments For 6 years, he went to hospitals in USA and he was treated in a large hospital for one year. But all failed. And he got divorced due to the prostatitis. He suffered from the disease for 7 years and treated it with 7 years. H

Case report on a man with Chlamydial prostatitis

A man with Chlamydial prostatitis was cured by me. 1 Personal information Name: Mr. Yin, male, 33, address: Shandong Luhua Group, treatment time: 2005 2 Major symptoms Perineum pain, penis irritation, testicular pain, small thigh pain for 4 months, frequent urination, oliguria; according to routine check of prostate, Chlamydia-way positive, prostatic hypertrophy. 3 Previous treatments He went all over the country for treatment. He asked for treatment from some national experts, one of whom was even listed in Top 100 Senior Herbalist Drs, yet no effect was produced. 4 My treatment cured his illness When he learned that my clinic can treat prostatitis with traditional Chinese medicine, he cont

Case report on a patient with mycoplasmal prostatitis

A man with mycoplasmal prostatitis was cured by me. 1 Personal information Name: Mr. Chen, male, 27, address: Wuhan, time: May 2005. 2 Major symptoms Testicular pain and perineum bulge for 5 years. Routine check of prostate shows that mycoplasma is positive, lecithin corpuscle 2 plus signs. 3 Previous treatments Due to mycoplasma infection , he never dated a girlfriend and the treatment with Western medicine was not effective. 4 My treatment cured his illness He came to my clinic for treatment of traditional Chinese medicine . Every month he came to take medicine. After one month, his symptoms were alleviated. 3 months later, the mycoplasma became negative and prostate and kidney are normal.

Male infertility caused by necrospermia due to prostatitis

Name: Mr. Yang, male, 27, address: Taiyuan, Shanxi, treatment time: May 2007. Symptoms Testicular pain; according to routine check of prostate and semen in hospital, mycoplasma is positive, little lecithin corpuscle, 45% of the sperms are dead. Treatment Twenty days after taking my medicine, the patient said that the pain in spermary is gone but a little bit swollen. After treatment for three months, the mycosplasma is turned into negative, much lecithin corpuscle, normal in routine check of semen; the symptoms disappeared and he was cured.

Case of a patient with bloody semen due to prostatitis

A man with hematospermia was cured by me. 1 Personal information Name: Mr. Wang, male, 33, address: Meilin Road, Shenzhen, Guangdong, time: May 2008. 2 Major symptoms and diagnosis There was blood in the semen in coffee color; abdominal pain, perineal bulge, apparent aggravation of pain at ejaculation. The diagnosis from Shenzhen hospital was vesiculitis; no improvement from treatment of Western medicine. 3 My treatment cured his illness The patient came to me for treatment with traditional Chinese medicine. One month after he took the medicine, the symptoms were alleviated and the amount of bloody semen was reduced. Three months later, the pain disappeared, only small amount of bloodshot in