A Success Case On Curing Chronic Prostatitis With TCM

I shocked to see the size of my scrotum when I first noticed I had infected with prostatitis . I immediately went to the doctor and was prescribed Cipro. I was told to sit in tub of water as hot as I could stand several times a day. They work together and after three days the pain has subsided and some of the swelling is gone. However, two weeks later, symptoms come back, so I went to the doctor and take a different antibiotic. But the medicines seemed to have no effect on the recurrent symptoms. The pain in my testicles got severe. The symptoms had lasted for about 5 years, the medicines I took could only help me to alleviate the symptoms but couldnt get a full recovery. Then I found Dr. Le

Successful Case On BPH

Mr. J 67 yesrs old American He has been diagnosed with BPH in 2009, and found my treatment in 2010. His only problem was when urinating , it stoped and started, the urine didn't have an even continuous flow until finished and he got up about 3 time per night to urinate. Some times have urgent urinate. I told him that because he has frequent urinate, he need three extra herbs while taking the pills, he accepted. After consulting for specific diet restriction, he started the treatment. After one months, he saw an improvement. Then he saidthat's why I'm willing to order pills for next month. In his third months treatment, most of the time, urinating is coming in one stream, not stopping and sta

Successful Case on Chronic Prostatitis

Mr. W 21 Canada May, 2011 He has been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis in 2010. He live with the disease for over a year, getting no effective treatment. He found my treatment of chronic prostatitis on Google and contacted me. At first he wasn't quite confident in this completely unfamiliar treatment, so he just ordered one month pills to have a try. When he was about to finish his pills, he asked me what was supposed to be seen after one month medication and when the symptoms would disappear. I told him that there should be some improvement, symptoms can be eliminated when the whole treatment ends. Then he said that ED is much released, but the pain in lower back still existed. He wass se

Successful Case on Mycoplasma Prostatitis

MrMrs Lee Hunan Province Mr Lee is a 44 year- old men who has been suffering from mycoplasma (including mycoplasma hominis, mycoplasma gentialium and ureaplasma urealyticum, they are been called as a join name - mycoplasma, in China) for over ten years. He had been diagnosed with prostatitis and mycoplasma infection. His main symptoms were pain in testis, lower abdominal pain and bulge of perineum area. He had been seeking for the treatment among that 10 years but failed. What made him more depressed is that his wife was infected by him. When he came to Wuhan Dr. Lee's Clinic and tried Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, he wasn't expecting a complete cure. However, luckily his symptoms jus

Success Case on Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Mr. Chen 22 years old Shandong Province Diagnosis: chronic bacterial prostatitis Symptoms: urgent urinate, frequent urinate, lower abdominal pain, pain with urinate, pain in penis, drips after urinate, swelling urethral orifice, sticky and white urethral orifice He is a young men who don't trust TCM that much even he himself is a Chinese. When I persuaded him to try herbal medicine for his prostatitis, he just wanted to take one month pills to have a try. After about three weeks, he contacted me saying that he was seeing quite an improvement. He says, I've never believe in tcm before, after this I'm quite confident in it. After two month when he was ordering third month pills, he told me tha

Successful Cases on Glandular Cystitis

Mr. Xue 38 years old Liao Ning Province He had been suffering from urgent urinate, frequent urinate, and lower abdominal pain for about 17 years. Cystoscope showed that there are follicles. He was diagnosed with glandular cystitis in local hospital. He took some drug and underwent cautery, also had some injections. However after that his symptoms are still there. Later he had his bladder partially removed but the disease recurred. In the end of 2009 he came to my clinic and started to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. After one months medication his symptoms released, but sometimes had urgent and frequent urinate. After three months his symptoms were all eliminated. In the end of 201