Successful Case on Chronic Prostatitis

Mr. W 21 Canada May, 2011 He has been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis in 2010. He live with this disease for over a year, getting no effective treatment. He found my treatment of chronic prostatitis on Google and contacted me.

Successful Case on Mycoplasma Prostatitis

MrMrs Lee Hunan Province Mr Lee is a 44 year- old men who has been suffering from mycoplasma(including mycoplasma hominis, mycoplasma gentialium and ureaplasma urealyticum, they are been called as a join name - mycoplasma, in China).

Success Case on Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Mr. Chen 22 years old Shandong Province Diagnosis: chronic bacterial prostatitis Symptoms: urgent urinate, frequent urinate, lower abdominal pain, pain with urinate, pain in penis, drips after urinate, swelling urethral orifice.

Successful Cases on Glandular Cystitis

Mr. Xue 38 years old Liao Ning Province He had been suffering from urgent urinate, frequent urinate, and lower abdominal pain for about 17 years. Cystoscope showed that there are follicles. He was diagnosed with glandular cystitis.

Hemospermia Cured by "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill"

Mr. Lu Shandong Province Mr. Lu had been diagnosed with seminal vesiculitis with the only symptoms was blood in semen and urine. He chose our treatment plan - to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with some extra herbs.

Chronic Prostatitis Cured by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

Mr. Chen Henan Province Mr.Chen had been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. His semen didn't liquefy for one hour. ED had been a problem too. Local doctor introduced a newly developed treatment for it, he refused and ordered Diuretics Pill.

Successful Case on Prostatitis and Azoospermia

Mr. Feng 27 yearl old Jiangsu Province He had been suffering from chronic prostatitis and azoospermia for 7 years with GV and E.coli infection. His symptoms were testicle pain, lower abdonimal pain and perineum area pain.

Success Cases On Chlamydia Prostatitis

Mr. Smith 33 years old United State of America Mr, Smith had been diagnosed with prostatitis 4 years ago. His prostate gland is enlarged. Chlamydia test result was positive. His symptoms were: testis pain, burning feeling in the penis.

Orchitis Cured by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill

Mr. J had been suffering from orchitis for over two years. His condition started with a sharp pain when he touched his scrotum while taking shower. Since then he always feel a bulge sensation at the testis.

A testimonial from a man with prostatitis for 20 years

I have a prostate problem, The doctors did no find any bacterium, but when I was prescribed BACTRIM (trimetropina and sulfametoxazol ) I felt better. I suffer the disease for 20 year.Every time it become worst I took your pills and get cure.