Will prostatitis recur‏

I have had a prostatitis since 6 years ago. I've taken antibiotics, massage, and even herbal medicine. They only dull the symptoms, cannot eliminate them. Actually in the end of 2010 the symptoms have gone for a while but they come back later when I'm not on medication. I want a permanent cure for it. Will it recur after I finish the treatment with your medicine?

1 answers - 2011-07-15

Because this herbal treatment is aiming at eliminating the direct cause of prostatitis, the disease never recurs after it is completely cured.
However, during the first weeks when prostatitis is cured, the prostate is not well recovered. As we all know, it takes time for the lesion and would to recover back to normal standard. If you have bad habits during that period, such as intemperance and promiscuity, it is possible for them to develop prostatitis again. We regard it as an reinfection, not a recurrence.                                    
Released in 2011-07-16