Why is this medicine so effective?‏

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1 answers - 2011-07-23

1. We combine the test result of Western medicine into the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to instruct the clinical treatment. Firstly, we learned that, through Western medicine, in the acute phase of congestive prostatitis, prostate tube and interstitial cells are congestion and edema, which forms more small abscesses and the small abscesses gradually increase. Due to fibrous lesions in the chronic diseases, the gland ducts are obstructed by pus or epithelial cells. I use drugs supporting blood circulation in traditional Chinese medicine combined with detoxification bactericide anti-proliferative, anti-fibrosis, to open the blockage of the duct, eliminating the pathological changes caused by those chronic urinary and genital diseases and return them to normal.2.Through the assay result of the Western medicine, we learned that MH, fungi (candida), staphylococcus aureus, mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, etc. I will use traditional Chinese medicine to detoxify and kill bacteria to achieve the broad spectrum antibacterial function. While curing the diseases, eliminated various bacteria and viruses, and turn MH negative. To combine the test result of Western medicine into the theory of traditional Chinese medicine to instruct clinical treatment should become the dialectic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (dialectic seeks for reason, which is the part of treating according to the cause. The traditional Chinese medicine in modern times can only combine the Western medicine to know the diseases and better understand the diseases so that the complete prescription of traditional Chinese medicine can be formulated to cure the diseases once for all, which is my tip in treating chronic diseases.
3.Dialectic treatment: the treatment principle of traditional Chinese medicine is the view of entirety and dialectic treatment. So we must firstly understand mycoplasma, prostatitis, bulge, pain, and bladder irritation to suit the remedy to the case. We have studied the disease of male genital meatus urinary system for more than ten years and have successfully solved the problem of the world. Here mycoplasma, prostatitis and other diseases can be cured. We changed the life of the patients with miraculous traditional Chinese medicine and lead them to the road of health. The unique traditional Chinese medicine will be accepted by the world and make contribution to the world!                                    
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