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Is blood in semen one of the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis? What else symptoms am I suppose to have? How to cure it?

1 answers - 2011-07-27

The clinical course seminal vesiculitis can be divided into acute and chronic. Heaviness and pain in the rectum seminal vesiculitis, aggravated by the act of urination and defecation to tenesmus, increased frequency of emission, sometimes with a purulent and bloody content. There are general weakness, fever up to 39.9 and above. seminal vesiculitis diagnosis in these cases did not present any difficulties.
History, increase the tension a bit crowded seminal vesicle, pain at pressure on him - this is the most specific objective evidence of an acute process. The secret, obtained a massage, characterized by a large number of white blood cells, disintegration of amorphous, epithelium, blood or crystals hematoidin, as well as the presence of deformed sperm immobile.
Acute seminal vesiculitis usually occurs rapidly within 5-7 days and resolves or reverse the development or becomes chronic or the formation of empyema. In the latter cases, the abscess may break through the urethra, which is the most favorable outcome, at least - into the surrounding tissue, then into a vial of the colon, bladder, abdominal cavity.                                    
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