Can you tell me the complications of prostatitis?‏


1 answers - 2011-08-04

Complications of chronic prostatitis are:
(1) Chronic Seminal vesiculitis:is the most common complication of chronic prostatitis. In the chronic process, the two often coexist and interact.
(2) Impotence:a common complication of chronic prostatitis.
(3) Infertility:chronic prostatitis is a very important reason to cause male infertility. Chronic prostatitis can cause reduction in secretion of prostatic fluid which lead to the liquefaction of semen. What's more, infertility could be caused by azoospermia and aspermia which result from the destruction of hazardous substance, or lack of nutrient.
(4) Urethritis:chronic prostatitis and urethritis often coexist and interact. Irritation in urinary tract is the symptom of chronic prostatitis.
(5) Cystitis:chronic prostatitis often coexists and interacts with cystitis. Bladder irritation is a noticeable symptom among the patients.                                    
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