resistant infection‏

I too have a resistant infection. Including a discharge every time I go to do a pee and pain also. I can only assume it has become resistant cause of mistreatment in not having a long enough course of antibiotics. Can your pills really help? If so is it really as much as 5 hundred dollars for the full 3 months, this seems a lot.

1 answers - 2010-11-17

There exists drug resistance for any antibiotics. You may find that the effect of antibiotics reduce after taking them for a long time. However there is never a resistance of traditional Chinese medicine. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the right medicine to help you. The medicine is made from slmost 50 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines and most of them are herbal medicines that are as safe as food. We have many successful cases already so please trust that the medicine can cure your disease.                                    
Released in 2010-11-17