What should I notice of if I take your pills‏

What should I notice of if I take your pills

1 answers - 2010-11-19

Well, here are some dietary restructions:
1)During the medication, the patients shall not eat or drink wine, pepper, chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, seafood, pickled vegetables, and the patient's bad diet control will extend treatment time.
2)Personal hygiene should be concerned.
3)The patient should not sit down, stand, ride a bike, hold back urine, or have sex for a long time. These actions is one important cause of prostatitis, so regulation of these actions should be made. There are many people such as cook, barber, Security Guard, office staff and so on who are prone to occupational diseases.
4)To prevent cross infection, husband and wife should be treated simultaneously.                                    
Released in 2010-11-20